20-22 JUNE 2016

Enhancing Digital Skills Applied to History, Humanities, and Beyond: Workshop Activities

presented by
Adam Crymble, Lecturer of Digital History, University of Hertfordshire (England)
Petri Jooste IT Manager/Lecturer School of Information Technology North-West University (South Africa)

The goal of these workshops is to introduce historians and other humanities scholars to the potential of their computers and the Internet for research. Workshops are designed to let them experiment with a range of technologies and concepts that are key to digital humanities scholars.

Day One: The Digital Archive

• Workshop 1 – Adding Value to Digital Records
• Workshop 2 – What is XML and why should you care?
• Workshop 3 –Building a Virtual Archive and Exhibit with Omeka

Day Two: Intro to Programming

• Workshop 4 – Programming in Python

Day Three: From Texts to Maps

• Workshop 5 – Building Digital Maps with Google Fusion Tables
• Workshop 6 – Extracting Keywords from Texts

Click this link to download the Enhancing Digital Skills workshop guide

Delegates planning on attending the workshops must please take note that they need to book their accommodation in advance.

For more information please contact:

Petra Lawson
Conference Administrator (HASA 2016)
Fax to mail: 086 541 1173
Phone: 083 231 6538